About Us

TAG is a modern recruitment firm that works with startup companies to build revenue generating organizations.


Our clients value our field experience in the technology space.

We employ people who have worked to generate revenue for technology organizations.  Our teammates have built new greenfield territories.  We have also developed sales organizations from scratch and created original marketing strategies.  This helps us to understand our clients and candidates.


We are fast and save time.

Recruiting is a necessary business function that is time-intensive and complicated. More and more, companies realize that bodies alone cannot deliver the results necessary to maintain a competitive edge.


We understand startup culture.

As startups grow into market leaders, they struggle to maintain the innovative and creative cultures that brought them initial success. This is where we thrive.

Startup culture attracts a unique profile of person who can thrive in constant change and urgent ambition.  We like working with these companies and discovering talent that will thrive within them.

Not every individual is built to thrive at a startup.  We pride ourselves in identifying the ones that do and connecting them to dynamic leaders and teams at genuinely unique and innovative organizations.

Jeff Beutel created TAG with a mission to build better revenue generating organizations by leveraging real sales management experience.  Specializing in the software space and primarily working with startups, TAG’s goal is to build stronger teams of revenue generating employees.  Along the way, we help professionals to reach their highest career potential. through finding challenging and rewarding job opportunities.  

TAG’s philosophy is simple:

Quick results.  

Real world experience.

Professional interactions.

Consistency always. 

Recruiting Rundown

Recruiting Rundown is our free email product that showcases candidate profiles to members of our online community.

The Rundown is published regularly and reveals up to 3 interesting candidates we’ve met who are interested in connecting with innovative companies.

Whether screening passive candidates or looking to quick fill an open position, community members can immediately engage.

With the simple click of a button, we can immediately start working to initiate contact and set up an exploratory call- no strings attached.

It’s one of the ways we help to do more in less time.