What people Are Saying About Us
“As a growing company where time is of the essence and watching our cash balance is critical; partnering with The Alan Group allowed us to quickly find very specific talent across North America. Their experience helping emerging software companies was evident as they clearly understand the nuances of the business and designed a process that helped drive our growth. They provided a single point of contact, went deeper in the interview process and allowed us to march to a defined budget. As a result we quickly built our enterprise sales and sales management team and are poised for more aggressive growth.”

President and COO, Social Media/SaaS Company

“In all of my dealings with Jeff, his professionalism and market knowledge have really stood out. We’ve worked together on a number of high-level searches and he’s been a valuable partner. He has a clear understanding of both our needs and the market. Anytime we make adjustments to our hiring profile he immediately incorporates them into the search, continuously fine-tuning the approach and delivering great, qualified candidates. The integrity of his approach is well-received by candidates and really makes him effective. We’ve hired people who have been referred to him by top performers in the industry. This speaks to his ability to build relationships and find quality people who others simply can’t reach. His approach builds trust quickly which puts his clients in a great position to hire the talent they desire.”

SVP Sales, Marketing Analytics SaaS Company

“After working with The Alan Group for just a few weeks, it was clear they were the best search firm I had ever hired. We were under a very aggressive timeframe and they delivered. The Alan Group understood our business and made recommendations based on their experience in helping build software companies. We were introduced to top performers across the country who were “on the money” and thoroughly vetted. I’d highly recommend them for any mission-critical searches, especially for software companies expanding across North America.”

SVP Sales, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Global SaaS Company

“Running the sales organization for a start-up company leaves little margin for error. Jeff’s experience in building teams was a valuable asset as we scaled the organization. Taking the time to understand both our unique needs and the career goals of his candidates; he was very creative in solving our problems. Jeff provided access to top-performers who were currently employed that we would not have met through traditional sources. With his help we grew by 100% over at two year period, culminating in a successful equity event. I’d recommend The Alan Group to anyone in a similar situation.”

VP Sales, Start-up Software Company

“As CEO of a fast growing company, it was imperative to fill sales positions as planned in order to meet financial goals. Jeff proved to be the most effective and reliable recruiter the company engaged during my entire tenure. His performance was consistent as he assisted us in filling sales positions across the United States. I appreciated that he truly understood what we were looking for and he knew how to accurately present our company and the opportunity to the candidates. It was truly a pleasure to work with a recruiter that had the high standard of integrity that Jeff always demonstrated. I strongly recommend Jeff as a sales recruiter and I will be working with him again in the future as needs arise.”

CEO, Social SaaS Company

“We were expanding our sales team and up against a very aggressive timeline. After spending 6 weeks with another firm that produced no results, we decided to work with The Alan Group. Within 28 days we hired our first two sales people — the first candidate actually started 17 days from the start of the search. Their attention to detail and ability to design a process that worked for us really made a difference, as does their experience in working with emerging software companies. I’ll definitely work with them again.”

VP Sales and Marketing, Enterprise SaaS Company

“One of our key objectives was to transform the way we went to market. The Alan Group helped us identify and hire sales people who were outstanding business people in addition to having strong technology backgrounds. Their ability to serve as an extension of the sales organization was extremely valuable in helping us attract the right individuals to take our company to the next level. I would recommend them to anyone looking to quickly build a top-performing team.”

SVP Sales, Global SaaS Company

“Jeff is positively the most effective sales recruiter I’ve worked with. He possesses rare qualities, such as a thorough grasp of the hiring process, an excellent network, market knowledge, and a knack for spotting great talent. Jeff goes above and beyond to understand the needs of the hiring manager, as well as the corporate culture, the product, market and personalities involved. He does his homework before he starts the search process. I have found him to be professional and was pleased with how he represented my organization. Expectations were always set clearly on both sides and there were no surprises throughout the process.”

VP Sales, Global Technology Firm

“Jeff has been an integral part of our rapid sales growth strategy and we view him as a partner. His sales management experience was a key factor in why we selected him and it has shown in his work. He has been incredibly responsive and organized with both us and the candidates. The candidates he presents always possess the proper skill set and their expectations of the roles and responsibilities always match what we desire; making our interviewing process very efficient. Jeff has shown honesty in his dealings with us and the candidates and has always put our best interest in front of his own. Finally, I feel that Jeff’s professionalism in dealing with candidates is consistent with the brand we want our company to represent.”

VP Sales, Global Outsourcing Company